Monday, February 7, 2011

We have fingers .... Yay!

I adore handknit gloves. Every pair I've made I have fallen in love with. I detest knitting the fingers on them though. I tend to fly through the main part of the glove then let them sit forever without fingers until I absolutely can't stand it anymore and have to knit them on. I'm not having that issue with Paul's new gloves though for some reason. It took me no time at all to knit the main body of the gloves and I'm making good progress on the fingers so far. Here they are in all their "puckered not relaxed yet fairisle" glory. At the rate I'm going, I should have these finished before this weekend.

I've also been making good progress on the 2010 Block a Month afghan. No photos since all I'm doing now is adding a border to all the blocks. Whatever possessed me to add more to them is beyond me. I should be ready to seam them together this weekend, then next week I can concentrate on the border. I ordered "Crochet on the Edge" and expect it to be delivered in the next day or so. All I need to do is decide on which border to use.

My sock yarn blanket is now as wide as my new sofa. It completely covers both Paul and I, and once finished will be the size of a king sized bed. I met some friends at a pre-super bowl party at one of the yarn shops in town and was stupid enough to bring an entire bag full of yarn and all the supplies to knit, with the exception of the blanket itself. It was a bit too far to drive home and fetch it, so I had no choice except to knit another section to add to the blanket. It is going to take me forever to complete this blanket!

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Susan said...

You are making great progress! Happy Valentine's day