Monday, February 21, 2011

Adding to the Spring wardrobe

I am done with the Leaf T with the exception of weaving in the ends! I am saving that task for tomorrow night. I really like this top. Might make another one in a solid color and use a yarn with a different fiber content. This one is a bit heavy, but it does feel like it's going to breath. Both yarns were ribbon type and they both knit up heavy. The fuchsia is bamboo, and the green is corn. I made the top a bit long, more of a tunic length than a t-shirt length. I'm hoping it doesn't decide to grow when I wash it.

Since I wasn't in the mood to do the finishing work on the Leaf T, I pulled out the Apres Surf Hoodie and worked on it a bit tonight. I'm about an inch shy of beginning the hood shaping, then I'll be ready to knit the sleeves.

I'm about sweatered out for tonight. Time to pull out the Babette blanket for some mindless crafting while watching TV.

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