Thursday, February 17, 2011

Put the last couple of rounds on Paul's hat last night. Another project finished! Back down to 24 projects in some semblance of completeness.

I have been concentrating quite a bit on the Leaf T. Just about finished with the knitting on the main body. The pattern calls for rolled edges at the hemline, neckline, and sleeves, but I really don't care for that look on me. Maybe the rolled edge on the hemline if it was tunic length and a really drapey yarn, but I digress. I will be adding ribbing to all the edges to make the T a bit more structured.

I've also been putting some time into the Babette blanket. Here it is with section 4 added.

Last night I crocheted the pieces for section 5, and tonight I added it to the main piece. This is working up pretty quickly even with each section becoming bigger.

My goal is to finish the Leaf T before February is over. I have already chosen my projects to concentrate on next month too. I am hoping to have the Babette blanket done, and I've decided to pull out the Apres Surf Hoodie and finally finish it up. It's coming up on the right time of year to get a lot of wear out of it.


Susan said...

Great job on finishing up your projects. I want both the Leaf T and the Surf Hoodie. Of course, I have not even cast on for them, so I guess I'll just drool over yours once they're complete. lol

Ilix said...

I too am looking at knitting the Apres' surf. Can't wait to see yours done. I just LOVE the way your Babbette is looking, the colours are great together!